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Hooligan 69

Bristol Hoolaganism 69


From the Bristol Evening Post. Wednesday April 9th 1969. Bristol magistrates court’s first case of soccer hooliganism.


Ragga Twins – Hooligan 69 (Remix)


Underground Solution. Luv Dancin’ (Vocal Remix)

* Underground Solution. Luv Dancin’ (Vocal Remix) 160kbps (ouch) 5min08secs. download HERE.

(Re-upped on 2/12/09)

* Texted the Dong at 3am to wish her a happy bidet.. And I received a rather lovely text from Mary Jane as I woke up to a windless warm spring day in the blazing sun, its the warmest day in about six months I bet.. groovy start to the day.. All the female women with them skimpy clothes. Lush.

* Needed to clean the lab today, I must have printed 4 or 5 thousand prints today, I just didn’t get the time. I need to manage my time better.. I piss it down the drain.

* Me,Wiseness, Tea and Meaney finished off the day.. I enjoy late Tuesday.

This t-une reminds me of Saturdays skimming Bristol’s record shops, Soundsville, Disc and Tape, Tonys, All The Replays.. I worshipped them places, I dreamed of having super-powers and being able to take ALL the records.. I was sick for tunes.. and the tunes were sick.

I first heard Luv Dancin on a Strictly Rhythm fat track double album (released on Ten records in the U.K), Strictly Rhythm were to be sought down like truffles, the epitome off U.S. East Coast cool. I think I got this at Tonys , they were pretty good in there, they had it ALL, they attracted everyone and they completely mixed up the styles, I used to walk there and back sometimes, and I was in Upper Horfield.
All the record shops have gone and the people who went to them are all blogging and torrenting and getting all that shit we used to spend fortunes on for naffin!.. that’s progress to me.
Fucking money I spent tho.. my gut wrenches.

Five Hip Hop.

Photograph By Roger Barnes at Pinacle. Nambung National Park. Western Australia


Jay Electronica. Renaissance Man mp3. download HERE.

from the 2008 Style Wars E.P. With J.Dilla beats.


Masta Ace. Beautiful mp3. download HERE.
from the 2004 Album. A Long Hot Summer.


Quasimoto. Microphone Mathematics mp3. download HERE.
from the 2000 Album. The Unseen. A Madlib Production.


Black Moon. How Many MC’s (dirty) mp3. download HERE.

from the 1993 Album. Enta Da Stage.


Black Sheep. Flavor Of The Month mp3. download HERE.
from the 1991 Album. A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing.

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