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Mobb Deep: The Infamous (1995) 320kbps


1  . The Start Of Your Ending (41st Side)
2  . The Infamous Prelude
3  . Survival Of The Fittest
4  . Eye For An Eye (Your Beef Is Mine) Ft. Nas & Raekwon
5  . Just Step Prelude
6  . Give Up The Goods (Just Step) Ft. Big Noyd / Produced by Q-Tip
7  . Temperature’s Rising Ft. Crystal Johnson /Co-Produced by Q-Tip
8  . Up North Trip
9  . Trife Life
10. Q.U. – Hectic Ft. Darc Nature
11. Right Back At You Ft. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Big Noyd
12. The Grave Prelude
13. Cradle To The Grave
14. Drink Away The Pain (Situations) Featuring AND Co-Produced by Q-Tip
15. Shook Ones (Part II)
16. Party Over Ft. Big Noyd

Thought I would drop some NY/Queensbridge stuff on y’all.

I have to say I seriously slept on Mobb Deep when they first came out, I was moreinto the Native Tongues stuff like A Tribe Called Quest/De La Soul/Pharcyde, and into diversifying my tastes into other genres (notably House/Techno in all its forms). The lyrical content of acts like Mobb Deep used to turn me off (as well as a pure hostility towards fans of House music from Hip Hop heads), I didn’t then identify with the drugs/ghetto/guns/bitches life they rapped about, and in the days when you had a finite choice of what music you bought or heard, I chose not to buy, or even listen.

You could do that back in the day. The whole music owning thing genuinely took more of an effort. There were whole artistic genres and acts that would totally pass you by. The digital age has changed all that, there’s no reason to miss anything, and I don’t. Now we dissect the discographies of our favourite producers/artistes & musicians at no monetary cost, in a heartbeat.

Those that lived through that time need to tell those that didn’t how much money we used to spend out of our wages/benefits/pocket money, and how much physical labour we used to put in to go from shop to shop to shop. It was fun though, great hobby. No amount of trendy revisionism will bring it back, hardy har, get yer own culture.

This past year I’ve been falling back in love with Hip Hop (particularly the East coast sound of the loose mid-Nineties), I’ve been joining the dots, collecting all those rare remixes and releases by the likes of DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor that I’ve either sold ( I boasted one of the best Hip Hop collections in Bristol) or never could get hold of.

Heres a few videos of tracks from the album for you to try before you make the effort to download (Dont work on WordPress because WordPress is a BITCH/ just double click and it will take you to youtube), and don’t be a pussy like me back in the day and be put off by the ghetto talk, this shit is high-grade art with contributions by some of the greatest Hip Hoppers of the day, including Nas, Raekwon, Ghostface & Q-Tip. An album that is widely thought to be only second to Illmatic as the greatest Queensbridge LP of the day/ever, an important record in the New York rap renaissance of the mid 90’s as a whole.

Incidentally my opinion on the whole East/West coast thing is that the cold jazzy beats of the East coast suit the ghetto/gangster chat better than the messy West coast juxtaposition of warm P-funk beats with drive-by lyrics.. enjoy.

I’m comin’ off, just like the clothes on a hooker, and I can fly like Jimmy Superfly Snooka…. (Five Hip Hop For Hip Heads)


1. Outkast. Liberation Ft. Cee-Lo, Erykah Badu. download here. from Aquemini. 192kbps.

2. Nas. N.Y. State Of Mind Pt II. download here. DJ Premier production. 192kbps.

3. AZ. The Format. download here. DJ Premier production. 192knbps.

4. The Beastie Boys Ft. Q-Tip. Get It Together. download here. 320kbps

5. Young MC. I Come Off (Southern Comfort Mix). download here. Remix by CJ Mackintosh & Dave Dorrell. 320kbps.


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