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Bob Dylan. Aust Ferry 1966 & 2009

So, I went on a mini adventure for fossils at Aust cliff and realised I need to read about the best way to look for them before I proceed, felt like a false economy smashing rocks for the sake of it, so I diverted to take a picture of Aust Ferry as it is today, compared to this photo from 1966 taken by Barry Feinstein.

I should think that for my photo I was stood where Bob is, and I aint showed as much of the building as in Feinsteins. Nice to see someones got the Bristol fashion for stenciling Bobs image from this picture on the decaying remains of the toll building, you can see the it on the toll booth to the right of my snap.

Download a Dylan favourite of mine Oh, Sister here.

Bob Dylan. Aust Ferry. 1966.

Bob Dylan by Barry Feinstein. Aust Ferry 1966.

Aust Ferry July 7th 2009

Aust Ferry. 5th July 2009

IMG_7805 copy

Five From Marvin Gaye. This is a joke, I need a smoke

Copyright on this photo belongs to Jim Britt. He’s worth checking out too.. hes good.

* Download Is That Enough (From The L.P. Here, My Dear).. HERE.

* Download I Want You (Vocal Version) (From The L.P. I Want You).. HERE.

* Download Got To Give It Up Part 1.. HERE.

* Download Erick Sermon Featuring Marvin Gaye. Music.. HERE.

* Download Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (DFP edit).. HERE.

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