Peter Simple. A Terrible Thought.

As I read a report of a debate in the Commons on rules about immigration, with Mr Hattersley, the Shadow Home Secretary, in full flood and accusations of’ ‘racism’ flying about the place, a terrible thought came to mind.

What is ‘racism’ (or ‘racialism’, as it was called before it became according to liberal consensus, the one sin which may not be forgiven either in this world or the next)? If it means ‘racial discrimination’ it can be anything from the crankish theories of Alfred Rosenberg, the Nazi expert on ‘racial science’, to an instinctive and general harmless human preference to one’s own kind; a belief, until recently unquestioned by the sane, that there are differences, not necessarily implying superiority or inferiority, between one race and another.

In this latter sense almost everybody in the world is a ‘racist’. My terrible thought was this: that one day,  just once,  as one of the periodical orgies of cant on this subject was raging, some Member of Parliament might get to his feet and say: ‘I am a racist. And so, you hypocrites, are you’.

It might be the end of the world. On the other hand, it might make everybody feel a great deal better.


From; The Best Of Peter Simple 1980-1984, from the columns of The Daily Telegraph. by Michael Wharton.
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