third set of images

© 2011 Bodie Group inc | all rights

Image courtesy of Bruce Couch. Link to the original post this photo was posted at, apologies to Mr.Couch for not asking permission.

“Ironically my favorite shot on my entire flickr blog is this shot… and I didn’t shoot it. my Dad shot this in the 50’s.

Shot with a Leica IIIf with a 50mm 1.5 Summarit”



© All Rights Reserved Ben Canales



  1. the image with the boys sitting in the trunk of the car is my image. It is not linked or credited. I have a problem with that. either remove the image or link it to the original post AND appropiriately credit it.

      • atlanticjaxx
      • December 19th, 2011

      Apologies for that Mr Couch, consider this matter amended in the manner you suggest, if you want me to take this down, I would be happy to do that too.

      • since this is not a commercial site you can either link image back to flickr source and credit it, or remove it. Either is fine. Thanks for the quick response.

        • FYI: you may want to do the same with this one too
          History's Reflection
          a local photographer I know, Ben Canales, in Portland shot this. :o)


            • atlanticjaxx
            • December 19th, 2011

            Thanks for the heads up Bruce, I’ve sorted this.

            Oregon looks beautiful, it has some decent photographers too.

          • atlanticjaxx
          • December 19th, 2011

          I hope my amendment is satisfactory, thanks for being a gentleman about it.

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