Take a look into some big gray eyes, And ask yourself do you wanna make ‘em cry?

big gay heart cd cover

Well, I aint one for writing about Music, prefer to listen to it you know? A lot is written about it and 99% is shite so why bother?.. heres five from Lemonheads… Evan Dando is class.

Big Gay Heart. download here 320kbps. 4min.26secs.

It’s About Time. (with Juliana Hatfield). download here 240kbps. 2min41secs.

Beautiful. (Cover:Linda Perry penned/Aguilera chartbuster) download here 224kbps. 3min45secs.

Into Your Arms. download here 243kbps. 2min44secs.

The Outdoor Type. download here 209kbps. 2min31secs.


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