The Beach Boys. Holland. 1973. Download.

The Beach Boys. Holland. 1973.

Holland download here!

I heard a couple of tracks from this before, but after being asked to get it for my old man I ain’t been able to get it of my player. Its all about the vibes man the vibes.. recorded in the Netherlands it all ends up being a wonderful tribute to they’re home state of California (Click the here for Wikipedia details), I love Pet Sounds of course, but feel that maybe its just a little bit overplayed. Holland is a lovely discovery and one I’m ashamed to say I have missed despite recommendations over the years.

An ensemble piece as it was recorded during one of Brian Wilson’s mental breakdowns, Brian’s brothers Carl & Dennis really weigh in with some great writing alongside Mike Love & Al Jardine..I’ve had a great week with this being the soundtrack to it, I’ve also laughed a lot with the help of Viz and Twitter (I get Twitter! I “get” it)..

This is a 9 track album at an average of 180kbps..  Zipped for you’re pleasure.. So get Winzip before downloading.. enjoy the vibes.. and may it always be summer in you’re minds eye and may you dream of a California that may only exist in song and ink.

Here’s Carl Wilson’s Anti-Imperialist song .. Trader.

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