Electric Relaxation B/W Mystic Brew

More of the peerless A Tribe Called Quest with Electric Relaxation from they’re 3rd LP Midnight Marauders (released 1993), I got it for Christmas, I believe my Dad would have got that for me, he’s always dug on Tribe. Its difficult for me to assess ATCQ because I’ve always had them close to ear.. them be mint.

De La Hysteria hits me in 89′ (Eye Know being the culprit), mad rush to hunt for ALL the Hip-Hop, it was easier to hear ALL the hip-hop back then, because so few places played and sold it (I’m talking about a helluva lotta good stuff that only came on import). Hearing and falling in love with Tribes first album instantly made me a sophisticated twat.. a twat to be proud of. I swiftly spent my pocket money on pure gems.

Also here is the original break used, Mystic Brew by Ronnie Foster, ATCQ’s sample hunting techniques were (are?) spiffing, introducing me to plethora of music I could only dream about.

Download: A Tribe Called Quest. Electric Relaxation …. HERE.

Download: Ronnie Foster. Mystic Brew …. HERE.

(Both Megaupload Duberry’s)


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